Arizona Microscopic Endodontics: Teaming with Referring Dentists for Best Patient Care

Arizona Microscopic Endodontics Ask most general dentists who is on their team and they will usually name their immediate office staff, pointing out how much each individual contributes to the overall success of the practice. But those teams can be even more powerful and effective when they expand to include top-notch specialists such as Andrew Krygier, DMD of Arizona Microscopic Endodontics. Thinking of himself as an extension of their referring dentists’ practices, their objective is to provide quality, responsive service to referring dentists as well as patients. Like Olympic athletes who unite to build exceptional teams based on individual excellence, but a common goal, Dr. Krygier works as a team player with other dental professionals, including general dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists and oral surgeons.

Arizona Microscopic Endodontics is a well established clinical endodontic practice located near the intersection of Shea Boulevard and the 101 Freeway. The easy access makes the practice convenient to patients from most areas of the Valley, a distinct advantage for dentists who want their patients to have minimal inconvenience when they are referred to a specialist.

An Extension of the Referring Dentist’s Team

Dr. Krygier, who founded Arizona Microscopic Endodontics in 1996, has rarely needed to advertise his practice. Rather, in the 12 years he has been practicing in the Valley, he has built solid relationships with referring dentists Valley wide. Arizona Microscopic Endodontics has grown based almost exclusively on positive word of mouth referrals from other dentists as well as happy patients. Former patients often refer their friends and, even if they have changed dentists, willingly return to Arizona Microscopic Endodontics.

Referring dentists know Dr. Krygier is committed to providing personal, dedicated treatment to the patients they send to Arizona Microscopic Endodontics. “I think of us as an extension of their teams, a specialized adjunct to their practice,” says Dr. Krygier. “We want patients who have been referred to us to be happy when they return to their dentist, so we treat every patient with the same consideration they would receive in their general dentist’s office.”

Going the extra mile is standard policy at Arizona Microscopic Endodontics. Thinking first of what is in the patient’s best interests, they are always willing to make room for a patient in need, even on weekends or after hours. When someone is in pain and needs our help,” says Dr. Krygier, “how could we, in good conscience, even consider turning them away or making them wait any longer than absolutely necessary?”

Professionalism and Compassion Ease Patient Anxiety

Arizona Microscopic Endodontics Most endodontists soon discover that fearful patients are a fact of life in their field. Every patient can be expected to have some anxiety when they are anticipating an endodontic procedure, but the anxiety can vary from mild to severe. Usually it stems more from the unknown than anything else. But Dr. Krygier is a master at reassuring patients. “We have a word for anxiety,” Dr. Krygier tells them with a calm confidence. “We call it ‘normal’.” During evaluation, he quickly develops a sense of the depth of anxiety a patient is feeling. A consummate professional, he easily reassures each individual, explaining that he has different techniques for dealing with anxiety. Most apprehension can be avoided by using oral sedation. But for the special few that have severe anxiety, IV sedation administered in the office by a certified Dental Anesthesiologist is the preferred choice.

The practice’s most challenging patients fall within two types. First are those who are extremely skeptical. Often, they are most reassured by a thorough and open explanation of everything they can expect. The key for skeptics is to reassure them of the doctors’ abilities and knowledge, to build trust. Other patients, on the other hand, are simply abnormally fearful, sometimes to the point of tears even during the initial consultation. Putting their fears to rest presents a special challenge that requires exceptional compassion on the part of Dr. Krygier. A promise of sedation and a relatively pain-free experience often helps even the most fearful patients relax.

Dr. Krygier firmly believes root canals do not have to hurt. The goal is to give the patients the most comfortable and the best root canal they can have. By the time the procedure is complete, most of Drs. Krygier's’ patients happily report a completely positive reaction to their treatment. Even post-operative pain is minimal. “Ideally, there should be no post-operative pain, just a little soreness,” Dr. Krygier says.

State-of-the-Art Technology & Procedures

Arizona Microscopic Endodontics Dr. Krygier, who specializes in microscopic endodontics and micro-surgical endodontics, is highly respected for his technical knowledge and skill. He is expert at using the state-of-the-art equipment — everything from digital imaging to the highest quality microscopes — that is the only acceptable norm in the Arizona Microscopic Endodontics practice. The Doctor believes every tooth they work on should be scoped, regardless of whether the planned treatment is conventional or surgical. “Working on a patient without the microscope,” Dr. Krygier claims, “is like trying to see in a dark tunnel with the bare eye. The microscope, on the other hand, magnifies and illuminates the entire track. Canals, fractures, and anomalies in the tooth are much easier to see in a well-lit area.”

The Doctor is particularly skilled at performing intentional replantation, a highly effective and quick way (Dr. Krygier averages approximately 10 minutes for the procedure) to work on teeth that are farther back in the mandible. The procedure involves pulling the tooth, performing the root canal, and replacing the tooth in the jaw. Intentional replantation not only minimizes discomfort, but also significantly shortens the time a patient must spend in the chair.

Finally, the doctor often works with general dentists, performing permanent restorations at the request of the referring dentist.

Dr. Krygier — a Respected Member of the Dental Community

A 1993 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Krygier completed a general practice residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. Following the residency, he returned to the University of Pennsylvania to complete a two-year post-graduate program in endodontics. He is a delegate to the Arizona Dental Association, a member of the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), the American Dental Association (ADA) and a member of the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

Over the years, Dr. Krygier has received numerous awards for outstanding clinical performance in endodontics and prosthodontics. For five years, Phoenix Magazine’s annual list of the best dentists recognized him as one of the top ten endodontists in the Valley. Much like the celebrities who receive Oscars in Hollywood, he appeared on the list after he was selected by his peers in a peer-review system. It made the recognition particularly rewarding from a professional perspective.

Dr. Krygier, who was honored to be a graduate of Scottsdale Leadership’s Class 17, is also an active and committed member of the local community at large. A former board member of the Scottsdale Boy’s and Girl’s Club, he frequently volunteers his time and expertise to Christina’s Smile, one of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club charities. In addition, he generously responds when referring dentists ask him to help battered women through Smiles for Success and Give Back a Smile.

A dedicated husband and father of two children, Dr. Krygier is careful to maintain a healthy balance between his professional commitments and personal time for his family and himself. “In a demanding field such as mine, balance is critical,” he says. “My family always comes first, but it’s a priority that helps me relate on a deeper level to my patients as individuals with the same concerns and time constraints I have.”

Dr. Krygier is also an avid golfer and somehow manages to carve time from his busy schedule to play weekly and to fit in the occasional tournament. Most times, he plays with one of the dentists who refers patients to him. “I think spending time playing 18 holes of golf is a much better way than dinner to get to know someone,” he says. “The golf course challenges everyone with a variety of situations and allows their true personality to shine through. By the time we finish, we can be much more relaxed with one another and we’ve had the chance to build a personal relationship.”

Dr. Krygier shares a philosophy on how to be the very best endodontists he can be. He works diligently to expand his knowledge of the latest developments in endodontics and dentistry in general, an effort that allows them to work proficiently and efficiently. The ultimate objective as a dental professional is to provide honest, highly skilled care to his patients, thus serving referring dentists and patients alike. In part, that means staying abreast of the latest technological innovations and skill sets, but technology and knowledge only go so far. Compassion makes the difference. Helping patients deal with their apprehension and any pain they may be feeling is what makes a truly compassionate dentist. We want our patients to feel at ease with us so they can trust we have their best interests at heart. If they can leave feeling their experience was a good one, we have succeeded.